Tuesday 06 January 2004

Programming Languages

This caught my attention today:

The problem that I face is that I'm not a Python programmer, even though I program in Python, just as I was never a Java programmer even though I programmed in Java, nor was I a Perl programmer when I programmed in Perl. Languages are just tools. Data, however, is different. It has a permanence that exceeds the bounds of a particular programming language and to me placing data within the syntax of a particular programming language is not necessarily a good thing. Like Uche, I believe that dynamic languages are the way forward; however I also believe that we need to weaken the coupling between a particular language and the actual solution to a problem to whatever degree we can.

From OO versus XML + agile programming languages? via Daily Python-URL (couldn't find a permalink).

Probably because I have recently finished reading The Pragramatic Programmer and such philosophies also mentioned in the book are still fresh in my mind.

If you have a copy of the book, please have another look at the following sections to see what I mean: